Our Story

Established in Toronto, Kozi Silk is the brain child of founders and friends Kozeta Izeti and Jennifer Eisen.  With an extensive background between them in the beauty industry, (Kozeta in hair and Jennifer in skincare), the benefits of silk became first an interest and then a passion for them.  They set about sourcing the highest quality silk fabric, and developing the most resilient pillowcase design possible. The end result is exquisite, silky perfection.  Featuring the highest quality 25 momme, grade 6A mulberry silk, with piped edges and zipper closure for added strength and durability, Kozi Silk stands out above the rest. (And they come in stunning colour combinations too).

Kozi Silk fabric itself is also bio-degradable, sustainable and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, meaning it's free from all toxic chemicals and dyes.  (A dream come true for all you allergy sufferers).  As all of Kozi Silk products actually improve your hair and skin, it was only natural to expand this lifestyle brand to include eye masks, hair ties and scrunchies.  When you use a Kozi Silk pillowcase, hair tie or scrunchie, your hair will glide effortlessly over the luxurious fabric, resulting in smoother, healthier hair and blow-outs that seem to last forever.  Mulberry silk is also naturally moisturizing and anti-bacterial, so when you sleep on a Kozi Silk pillowcase, or use a Kozi Silk eye mask, your skin is naturally enhanced, free of break-outs and has a more youthful appearance.

Elevate your beauty game with the full range of Kozi Silk products.  Kozeta and Jennifer, with their combined 30 years of experience have created the tools to help you find the way.